• Management

  • Our Vision

    The vision of NDL remains to be the leader in the family restaurant and limited service hotel segment in the Northeast. Our commitment to our guests doesn't stop with a room and a meal. We believe in providing outstanding hospitality too. Being the best in class is what we are all about... and that is a direct tribute to all the men and women who work here, who strive each day to deliver a pleasurable dining and lodging experience for families across the Northeast.

  • What NDL Can do for You

    It's quite simple, we help businesses grow! With more than 5 decades of experience in the hospitality industry, we can help take your hotel or restaurant to the next level. With the combination of creative marketing, nimble strategies, strong community relations, and a hyper focus on guest service, we will create a highly desirable brand that you can be proud of. Contact NDL today to discuss our business management services.

  • Our Team